Installation of the Atlas toolkit #

Important notice:

When launching an application using the Atlas toolbox, the default web browser should be launched automatically to give access to the application. On some computers, however, the web browser will display nothing. We are trying to fix this issue, but, unfortunately, we do not have access to a computer on which this issue occurs. However, there seems to be a workaround to this issue, but we couldn’t test it thoroughly. It consists to open the default web browser of your system before you launch the application.

To use the Atlas toolkit with the language of your choice (between those currently available), you have only to go through a very simple installation process. The chosen process may be not the standard one, but it allow us to follow the release early, release often philosophy.

Each binding have its dedicated installation section:

If you want to use your own server instead of the default one, take a look at the server installation section.

Some default value can be overridden by setting following environment variables, but you should not have to modify them (default value are between parenthesis):

  • proxy address: ATK_PADDR (,
  • proxy port: ATK_PPORT (53700),
  • web address: ATK_WADDR (same value as the proxy address),
  • web port: ATK_WPORT (empty, i.e. port 80).

The proxy is the daemon on the remote server on which the program connects to. The web address and port are the ones which give access to the program.