Zelbinium #

Against the harmful effects of video games and social media on our children!

Rather than using them for social media or video games, Zelbinium gives our teenagers the opportunity to use their smartphones to create their own applications.

Not only does Zelbinium give them access to an activity with little risk of addiction, it also makes it easy for them to share their creations, giving them the opportunity to forge bonds with their fellows that limit the risk of harassment.

These applications are programmed using languages chosen for their accessibility and abundant documentation, facilitating the acquisition of knowledge that opens the door to the creation of truly connected applications that our children will be proud to share with their family and friends.

Usually a source of tension, the smartphone is transformed into a wonderful opportunity for parents to share moments of complicity with their children, encouraging them to abandon social media and video games.

No application to install, nor account to create: whether from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer, Zelbinium is directly accessible at :