Online demonstrations of the Atlas toolkit

Preview of the Reversi game made with the Python version Atlas toolkit

The purpose of online demonstrations is to test the Atlas toolkit and other libraries or software simply by using a web browser, with nothing to install, thanks to, an online IDE. You can even modify the source files or create your own projects.

Once on (click one of the Online demonstrations below button), click on the green run button, choose the demonstration you want to launch, and click the then displayed URL (or copy/paste it in a web browser).

If you are unable to launch an online demo, you can always retrieve the entire repository (see the Installation section), and launch the demonstrations locally.

         Language GitHub repository Online démonstrations
Java Java Run on Replit
Node.js Node.js Run on Replit
Perl Perl Run on Replit
Python Python Run on Replit
Ruby Ruby Run on Replit