Installation of the Atlas toolkit

Currently, the Atlas toolkit relies on Electron for the desktop interface, which, in turn, relies on Node.js. For the web interface, the Atlas toolkit also relies on a Node.js based web server.

Both the desktop and web interface interacts with the Atlas toolkit through native software, written in C++. The core of the Atlas toolkit is also native C++ written software. Except for Windows, this software must be compiled, so a C++ development environment is needed.

The compilation is handled by the NPM node-gyp package, so your system needs to meet the installation requirements for this package, except for Windows, for which the binaries are provided and automatically installed.

We are looking for a way to also provide prebuilt binaries for other OSes as Windows, and also a way to avoid the installation of Node.js for those who don't use the Node.js binding of the Atlas toolkit. Please read the insight overview for more details about this issues.

Also read the page dedicated to the binding you are interested in: