Insight of the PHP binding


Please read also the insight overview.

You will find here some relevant details about the PHP binding of the Atlas toolkit.


Currently, the PHP binding is only able to handle one connection in all. To handle another connection, you have to relaunch the application. This is not a problem for the desktop user interface (except if you need some multi-threading for the treatment), but is, of course, not viable for the web interface.

To quickly obtain a working PHP binding of the Atlas toolkit, we used the mono-threaded CLI version of PHP, as we had to entirely recompile PHP, with what, at that time, seemed to be the most obvious compilation flags.

Using the CLI version of PHP for the desktop version is probably the way to go, but the CGI version, or the module dedicated to http server will perhaps solve the multi-threading issue, but this implies the installation of a web server, like Apache, nginx... and this will complicate the installation of the PHP binding from the Atlas toolkit.

If you have suggestions on how to solve this multi-threading issue, or other issues concerning the PHP bindings, you are welcome to report them on the dedicated forum.

Dependencies and source code

Below is the link to the NPM package for the PHP binding of the Atlas toolkit, where you will find links to all the dependencies, along with links to the source code repositories.