Overview of the the Atlas toolkit

Web applications usually need to be installed on a server which have to be accessible from internet. And, in addition of the application itself, there is also the need of a web server, standalone or embedded in the application, which handles the user's web browser requests.

By using the Atlas toolkit, you only have to launch your web application on your computer, and you can give access to your application to whoever is on internet. As you don't have to deploy your application on a remote computer, each modification you make to your application is instantly available. That's why the Atlas toolkit is particularly suitable for prototyping.

To achieve this, the Atlas toolkit connects to a free public server, which also handles the connections from the user's web browser. The URL corresponding to your application is displayed in the console from which you launched your application, and by simply giving this URL to someone on internet, you grant this person the access to your application.

The sources of the software on the remote server can be found here: