The Atlas toolkit and the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small single-board computer developed for educational purpose, and emphasizing Python language.

As the Atlas toolkit is available in Python, you can use it on a Raspberry Pi, and also on similar devices, like the ODROID series. And it makes the use of this devices easier and more fun, especially when it comes to GPIO.

There is, for example, the RGB application, to control a RGB LED, that you can see on following video:

RGB video

And also there is the GPIO application, which allows general control over the GPIO, and that you can see on following video:

GPIO video

This latter application is particularly useful for testing your electronic projects, but both applications purpose is to show how easy it is to program a web interface for your applications.

To install both applications, go to

This applications use the Python version of the WiringPi library (pip install wiringpi if not already installed), but you can use other libraries, and even other languages.