Online demonstrations of the Atlas toolkit

Preview of the Reversi game made with the Atlas toolkit

The purpose of online demonstrations is to test the Atlas toolkit simply by using a web browser, with nothing to install, thanks to, an online IDE. You can even modify the source files or create your own projects. Online demonstrations are currently available for the Node.js, Perl and Python versions of the Atlas toolkit.

If you are unable to launch a online demo, you can always retrieve the entire repository (see the Installation section), and launch the demonstrations locally.

For Node.js and Python, simply follow the instructions on the repository:

For Perl, you have to:

  • click on the green run button,
  • open, in a web browser, the URL displayed in the black console (above the ^^…^^ line); this can usually be done by double/triple-clicking/tapping the URL, and then selecting the proper entry in the contextual menu (right click on portable/desktop computers, long touch on (some) mobile devices).

Here are the available online demonstrations for Perl:

On some devices, the label of the buttons are not displayed, as shown below:

Small buttons on ''' are respectively 'fork', 'run' (in green) and 'share'.

here are the corresponding regular buttons:

Regular buttons on ''' are respectively 'fork', 'run' (in green) and 'share'