How can I be kept informed of coming releases?

The news forum will contain the announcements about new releases. You will also find there a web feed you can subscribe to.

Under which license(s) is the Atlas toolkit available?

This information is available here.

Why does the Hello World! application on the homepage not work?

This is because the web server behind the example serves its content in http, and you display the homepage in https. It's a mixed content issue. You have to switch to the http version of the homepage. If still have https on the address bar after following this link, then you have a plugin or you have configured your browser so that it switch automatically to https. You have to deactivated this behavior in order for the basic example to work.

The Hello World! application, and other examples, may also not work if you use a browser which is not fully HTML5 compliant.

Why so many warnings when compiling the C++ binaries?

The C++ compilation were usually tested with several compiler (VC++, g++, clang...) targeting several OSes (GNU/Linux, macOS, Cygwin...), and using the default options (no additional flags). Particular care is taken to avoid any warning. However, the compilation during installation is made by node(-pre)-gyp, and it seems that it passes some extraneous flags to the compiler, hence the warnings.

Sometimes, why is there a ... SYS error : csdbns.cpp(64) error when launching an Atlas toolkit based application?

The application tries to launch a daemon (see insight overview), but fails because a previous launched daemon was not killed properly, so the port it wants to listen to is not available. This happens often with Cygwin, as it does not properly transmit signals (CTRL-C, for examples) to Windows programs. You have to kill it manually: its a node process.

Desktop interface (Electron)

Why using the beta version of Electron, and not the latest one ?

The latest version of Electron does not work properly under some GNU/Linux testing platform, but the beta does.


Why, when launching a PHP application, the first connection is handled properly, but new ones are ignored?

To develop the PHP binding of the Atlas toolkit, we had to entirely recompile PHP. There are numerous compilation flags, and we took the simplest ones to have a working PHP binding as soon as possible. This implied to use the CLI mono-threaded of PHP. See PHP insight for more details.